【Un x Caviar x Domestic beef】 All you can eat drink 2.5h 5300 yen / 3h 5500 yen

【Un x Caviar x Domestic beef】 All you can eat drink 2.5h 5300 yen / 3h 5500 yen

5300 yen

  • 12items
  • 2persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    2.5H All you can drink (Super dry, cocktail, sour, fruit wine, shochu, whiskey etc.)

Recommended for 【Farewell party / Girls' Association】 ♪ Recommended for Australian beef sushi platter and caviar ride on unrolled rolls including all you can eat ☆ Truffles and meat rolls of Forebla are included and it is a plan that you can relax and enjoy with the dessert plate Illustration of 1500 yen It is possible to change it to the anniversary plate for free, so please use it as a welcome reception party, girls' association, special anniversary etc ♪ Of course for everyday use ◎


◆ Appetizer Smoke 3 varieties of platter

Duck truffle smoked / scallop coal smoked / smoked a moment of chicken

◆ MIX salad (all you can eat)

Domestic beef roll of foie gras ◆

◆ Assorted 5 domestic beef (all you can eat)

Lamp / ribulose / fillet / sirloin / Unirone roll sushi

◆ Unzen roll sushi × caviar (all you can eat)

◆ Dessert Plate (Anniversary Plate)

【Private Limited Bonus】 (25 ~ 35 people / 50 ~ 70 people / 80 people ~)

◆ Mike Free Rental

◆ Projector rental

◆ DVD player rental

◆ CD player rental

◆ DJ equipment rental

◆ Bingo lease

◆ Acoustic lighting equipment

◆ Waiting Room (Negotiable)

◆ Reception desk

◆ Open reception hours (Negotiable)

◆ Venue free of charge

◆ flower gift present

◆ Crackers Number of people gifts (Number of people please consult)

◆ Premium advance reservation OK

All-you-can-drink menu

· Asahi Super Dry, freezing beer "Extra Cold" "Drive Rack Cold" "Half & Half" as well as all you can drink!
· Shandigafu / Gin tonic / Vodka tonic / Moscommeureur / Cassis orange / cassis oolong / fuzzy bis / banana milk, / strawberry milk / other
Lemon / lime / grapefruit / orange
· Fruit wine, shochu
· Anzu / Plum wine / Ringo liquor / Giantpa sake / Shochu (potato / wheat / oolong hi / green tea high)
· Whiskey (rock, water split, soda, coke, ginger)
Red, white
·Soft drink
· Orange juice, grapefruit juice, ginger ale, cola, green tea, oolong tea
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 16 of the desired date

2018/03/04 update